Епоксидна смола L 20


Низьков’язка ламінуюча смола, не містить розчинників та наповнювачів

30.0  / кг

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Low-viscosity laminating resin, free of solvents and fillers, for impregnating glass, aramid, and carbon fibres. This system is also ideal for bonding wood, metal, foamed polystyrene, etc. It can be processed in all of the customary methods, e.g. hand lay-up operations, pressure and vacuum impregnation, press moulding, winding, etc.

Besides epoxy resin system L, also laminating resin system L 20 is one of the most important resin systems in the RC Helper delivery programme. It is suitable for the manufacture of particularly high-performance components and structures reinforced with glass, aramid, and carbon fibres. Applications include the fields of satellite design, aerospace, automobile manufacture and ship-building, and the extremely exacting field of high-performance sports equipment as well as model construction.
One particular field is the production of gliders.

  • With Hardener EPH 161 approved by the federal aviation authority LBA.

Hardeners for Epoxy Resin L 20:

Hardener EPH 573
Potlife: 15 minutes
Mixing ratio100 : 23 parts by weight resin to hardener, 100 : 25 parts by volume resin to hardener
Hardener EPH 161
Potlife: 90 minutes
Mixing ratio100 : 25 parts by weight resin to hardener, 100 : 49 parts by volume resin to hardene

Extended storage time: 36 months

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