MAH helicopter blades

High-quality carbon fiber blades for all classes of radio-controlled helicopters

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MAH blades

High-quality premium carbon fiber blades are made of modern materials used in the production of aerospace equipment by European and world manufacturers using the most advanced technologies.

The experience of producing MAH blades has been accumulated since 1995, practically from the beginning of the “era” of radio-controlled helicopters.

The MAH blades were used for helicopters from Hirobo, Graupner, Heli Professional, Vario, many non-serial helicopters and civil UAV Helicopters.

A very wide range, there are blades for all existing helicopter models.
Each set of blades is perfectly balanced and ready to fly. The MAH Blades range is divided into blades for flybar and flybarless helicopters, as well as for 3D, FAI and everyday flights.

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