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Рубленное углеволокно 3мм


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Recycled carbon fibres* from rovings (100 % Carbon) off different origins

  • For highly loaded moulding and filling compounds
  • Fast, good wetting
  • For epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins

For manufacturing conductive coats and adhesives as well as highly loaded moulding and filling compounds. Chopped carbon fibre strands are added as soon as the resin/hardener compound is ready for processing. Any quantity can be added: the larger the quantity the higher the conductivity and strength.

Technical data:
Specific weight: 1.7 g/cm³
Filament diameter: 7 µm
Sizing level: 1.4 %
Bulk density: 450 g/dm³
Tensile strength: 3500 MPa
Tensile modulus: 230 GPa
Elongation at break: 1.5 %

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