Ровинг SIGRAFIL® C50 24k / 1600 tex


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Out of stock. Will be delivered within 14 days.

Based on polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor, SIGRAFIL® C (24k and 50k) is a heavy tow carbon fiber that combines high strength, high modulus of elasticity, and low density for maximum performance.

Fibre: SIGRAFIL® C50 T024 EPY 382-000A 24k 1600 tex

Technical data:
1.81 g/cm³
Tensile strength: 5000 MPa
Tensile modulus: 270 GPa
Elongation at break: 1.9 %
Filament count: 24000 = 24k
Filament diameter: 7 µm
Sizing content: 1 %
Cross section of single roving: 0.884 mm²

SIGRAFIL® C forms the basis of fiber-reinforced composites and is the key component in products used in wind energy generation, the aerospace and automotive industries, motor racing, the manufacture of adhesives, and other industrial applications.

SIGRAFIL® C continuous tow carbon fiber is ideal for weaving, prepregging, filament winding, carbon fiber-reinforced components (CFRP), advanced composites, multiaxial production, unidirectional tapes, extrusion, pultrusion, and other conversion processes.

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