Lantor Soric® XF 2mm


Ширина 127 см
Диаметр ячейки 10 мм

11.0  - 15.0  / м²

Product Price

The Soric® XF grades have fast resin flow combined with optimized weight reduction. The hexagonal pattern offers a reduced resin consumption making the Soric® XF grade suitable for thicker laminates.

Lantor Soric® XF

  • The cost effective solution for closed mould processes
  • Is used as core material and infusion medium
  • Is a pressure stable polyester nonwoven and compatible
    with all regular types of resins, including Polyester,
    Vinylester, Phenolic and Epoxy
  • Is suitable for closed mould processes, including Infusion,
    RTM Light, RTM Heavy

Applications Lantor Soric® XF

  • Marine: hulls, decks and structures of boats and yachts
  • Transportation: parts and panels of cars, trailers,
    trucks and RV’s
  • Mass transit: interior and exterior of trains, light rail
    and buses
  • Leisure: kayaks, surfboards, pools and tubs
  • Industrial: cladding panels, fans, containers and tanks
  • Wind Energy: nacelle and spinners

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